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Lionheart Fitness

Fun Classes designed to build fitness, strength and cardio for optimal health

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No matter what your current shape is...

Our fun and efficient program is designed for anyone. Try at your own pace, and let your coach help you while you have fun with a supportive community.

Join Lionheart Fitness and Transform Your Body and Mind


Join an awesome and supportive community to thrive in. A no judgment zone. You will find working out fun again and not a chore. Rely less on motivation and discipline and let the power of a strong community drive you towards your health goals.


The workouts are designed so you achieve:

  • More energy: Feel better all day long with more energy than you’ve had in a long time. Show up at work or at home with more focus and energy


  • Better Health: Strengthen your immune system, develop a healthier lifestyle, move better. Become more positive. Double your strength gains and your endurance capacity.


  • Improved Aesthetics: Build muscle, tone your butt, legs, abs, thighs and arms, melt stubborn body fat and drop sizes, all while becoming more athletic and functional in your day to day life.

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How It Works

The classes are delivered through semi private and group training sessions. 


Classes are limited in sizes so coaches can deliver the proper guidance, motivation, and accountability for each person. No one gets left behind.

One class targets the entire body in three phases. We efficiently address all areas of fitness in a single session.

First, a well designed warm up session to improve your mobility and to prevent injury.

Second, a strength session to progressively get you stronger each week so you can tone and build muscle.

Lastly we end it with a well crafted and brief high intensity conditioning session to get your cardio to new levels so you can burn fat like never before and enjoy life a whole lot more.


Each class is different and fun, so it never gets boring. 


You will be guided by a dedicated coach who will understand your goals and concerns.

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